Is Ken Clarke a Liberal Democrat?

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October 24, 2012 by Jake Cantona

A potentially damaging rumour has been circulating recently, which if shown to be true, even if only in part, could harm this government irreparably and bring an end to the career of one of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite light entertainers.

The problem with unsubstantiated rumours, particularly in this day and age, is that it is quite easy for an erroneous fact to be reported and the wrong impression gained, so I will take care to say that what I have heard may be completely inaccurate and, furthermore, that my understanding may in any case be at fault.

However, it appears that there are those who believe that Ken Clarke is actually a Liberal Democrat. It may be hard for those of us who remember Clarke from his comedy performances as Chancellor of the Exchequer to swallow, but if the rumours are to be believed then it would appear that there are questions to be answered by the self-proclaimed ‘big beast’ of the Tory left.

The argument appears to be that Clarke, whilst professing himself to be a Tory, blue in tooth and claw, was for much of his ministerial career actually a Liberal Democrat who adopted a brazen policy of ‘hiding in plain sight’. Were this shown to be the case it would perhaps explain his distinctly centrist stance on European matters and his fondness for cigars and Hush Puppies.[i]

Questions would also have to be asked regarding the role of the media in any possible cover-up. It is hard to believe that a character as flamboyant as Clarke could have maintained his dark secret over such a long period of time in the public eye without the complicit silence of one or more media outlets

So far as I am aware, neither Clarke, nor anyone within the Conservative party has yet responded to any claims.

[i] Not the same as hush money


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